Reviews of the Top Attractions and Activities in Indianapolis, Plus Pictures and Videos!

Botanical Garden, Aquarium and Indianapolis Zoo

When looking for Zoos in Indianapolis, there is no need to look further than the Indianapolis Zoo which is home to a gorgeous botanical garden, a special sea water aquarium which is home to a collection on dolphins, seals, and sea lions, and a large collection of amazing animals on display in their natural habitats. Special zoo tours and adventures, that accommodate only four guests at a time, provide intimate experiences with zoo animals.

Indianapolis Zoo Research

The Indianapolis Zoo is involved in several continuous research projects for the protection of endangered animals and their natural habitats and is a proud participant in Cooperative Animal Management Programs. Animal conservation is a high priority to the Indianapolis zoo and the staff takes pride in the dolphin births and other breeding programs. Learn more at the Indianapolis zoo.

White River Gardens

One of the most beautiful attractions at the zoo in Indianapolis is the 3.3 acre White River Gardens which is divided into five parts, the design gardens, the sun garden, the shade garden, the water garden and the wedding garden. Visitors at the zoo in Indianapolis can take a stroll on any of the walking trails of the White River Garden and see densely planted gardens with the latest in garden design and enjoy a generous variety of flora and fauna. Inside DeHaan Tiergarten is the 5,000 sq. ft. glass enclosed Hilbert Conservatory that is home to exotic tropical foliage, trickling water, a pond with tropical fish, and spectacular flowering tropical plants.

Elephant Bathing Adventure

Of all the Zoos in Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Zoo is the only place where visitors can participate with hands-on in The Elephant Bathing Adventure. This is an extraordinary opportunity to get close enough to touch an elephant while you help scrub and bath the largest creature walking the earth today.

Adventure Tours

The Adventure Tours at the Indianapolis Zoo takes visitors behind the scenes to meet the animals up close, learn about the care and feeding of the animals, and a behind the scene look from on stage at the Dolphin Shows. The Adventure Tours is a guided tour by an Adventure Guide and includes a map and necessary information for the tour.

Dolphin In-Water Adventure

The Indianapolis aquarium for Dolphins at the Indianapolis Zoo is accredited by the Association and Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks & Aquariums (AMMPA). The Dolphin In-Water Adventure is a chance for Indianapolis aquarium guests to suit up in a wet suit, after attending a short class, and get into a large sea water pool with dolphins. Much of the adventure teaches guests about feeding, signaling dolphins to perform movements, and hands-on interaction one-on-one with a dolphin.

Seal, Sea Lion, or Walrus Art Adventure

Can a sea lion, seal, or walrus really paint? The pinnipeds at the Indianapolis Zoo Seal, Sea Lion, or Walrus Art Adventure do. Experience one of these amazing creatures personally as you learn about the pinnipeds and its fascinating life style. Participants are invited to select the color palette to be used by the pinnipeds to paint a unique painting for you to take home as a souvenir.